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Semi-Off Topic Pet Peeve

Have you noticed a growth in the number of T.V. shows about U.F.O.s lately? They seem to be proliferating in the wake of the ghost-related shows. Anyway, I was watching one in the background the other day and I noticed a bit of poor word usage that seems to be common among the, for the […]

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Themes & Trends in Science Fiction

A Brief Overview of Common Subjects Machines Humankind and its relationship with machines (robots, computers, gadgets) is probably one of the most dominant themes in science fiction. From Don Quixote’s duel with a windmill to Sarah Connor’s flight from the Terminator, science fiction has often concerned itself with the gadgets we make and whether it […]

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female star trek fan

Camille Bacon-Smith Looks at Star Trek Fandom

In the book Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth, Camille Bacon-Smith looks at, describes and tries to explain a segment of Star Trek fans. This segment is predominantly female and writes about characters from the series in ways that some think are not “in character” for those characters. Writing (and creating […]

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