About Yesteryear’s Future

Once upon a time, I was a teen fascinated with the TV series Cosmos. Then I grew up, went to graduate school and took a class called “Science Fiction and American Culture”. Thus this mega-project was born. There have been lots of TV shows perpetrating to illustrate the history of science fiction, but none of them have been as ambitious as this one. In fact, most were just an excuse to show off clips from movies and TV shows. Not this project. Lots of books have told the story of the birth of science fiction, but as a multi-media genre, science fiction transcends any single medium. So, what is Yesteryear’s Future?

  • It is Cosmos meets Walking with Dinosaurs for the science fiction genre.
  • It is a nine-part TV documentary with companion book, DVD and website telling the story of the genre from conception to the present.
  • It is the dream project of my heart and soul.

Since it is a giant undertaking, it will take a few years to be born. But, through this website, you can be a witness to its growth, progress and birth.