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Due to technical issues, Yesteryear's Future is slowly but surely being re-created. Previous content is being cleaned and re-entered. Thank you for stopping by. Please sign up for the mailing list for updates on the website, book and project.

About Yesteryear's Future

About Yesteryear's Future

What is Yesteryear's Future all about?

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History of Science Fiction

History of Science Fiction

Posts focused on the history of science fiction.

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Sociology of Science Fiction

Sociology of Science Fiction

Posts focused on the sociology and culture of science fiction.

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Semi-Off Topic Pet Peeve

Have you noticed a growth in the number of T.V. shows about U.F.O.s lately? They seem to be proliferating in the wake of the ghost-related shows. Anyway, I was watching one in the background the other day and I noticed a bit of poor word usage that seems to be common among the, for the […]

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